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Even before the virus forced us all inside and online, messaging was taking over the world. It’s how many of us shared news, collaborated with colleagues, and — most importantly — kept in touch with friends and family. As with all things digital, the pandemic simply accelerated the inevitable. 

It also showed us that messaging was made for customer service. 

Customers are reaching out for help more than ever before, and messaging is their channel of choice. Over the past year, support conversations over messaging have skyrocketed, with WhatsApp alone experiencing a 101 percent surge. 

It’s clear why customers are turning to messaging in their time of need: It’s convenient, it’s fast, and it’s personal. 

But messaging has also been a savior for businesses. As support tickets spiked and wait times exploded, messaging was easy for newly-remote employees to set up and adopt — and even automate — alleviating pressure on traditional channels like email and voice.