This past year, the global pandemic created increased demand for online services and access to amenities, forcing businesses to rapidly adapt to offering multi-channel services. When adding or expand sales channels, your customer base becomes larger and more geographically dispersed, presenting challenges to managing tax compliance based on where customers are located. This can also mean changes to nexus — the connection to state or local jurisdictions that obligate a business to collect and remit sales tax.

Download the whitepaper to learn how:

  • Multichannel selling can add up to economic nexus
  • To understand tax compliance as it relates to multichannel selling, including marketplace selling, taxable vs. tax-exempt sales, e-commerce and website sales, affiliates and social selling, international selling, and more
  • To aggregate sales data and streamline tax management with a 360-degree view of your sales transactions
  • Five key steps to take to remain sales tax compliant