In 2020, QSR brands pivoted from in-store dining to delivery and pick-up. In 2021, the gradual return to “normal” meant QSR brands pivoted yet again.

These changes were reflected in creatives and TV ad strategies, and with iSpot’s ability to track every second of TV advertising, we were able to take a closer look into how QSR brands approached TV advertising in 2021.

Key Learnings:

  • Domino’s is the most-seen QSR brand (Jan – Sep 2021) with nearly double the impressions of the runner-up, McDonald’s
  • Of the top 15 most-seen QSR brands, Arby’s increased TV ad impressions the most, a 44.3% YoY climb
  • With a focus on the food itself, QSR ads elicited greater “yummy” and “value” reactions from viewers in 2021 than in 2020

By leveraging iSpot for real-time industry or brand-specific TV ad insights, QSR brands can gain a deeper understanding of how their TV ad creative and media performance compares to their competitors. Download the free report today.