When it comes to the types of security challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face today, there’s quite a bit to consider.

First, many owners of these businesses think it can’t happen to them because attackers focus only on enterprise-sized companies because the payoff is larger – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

And while it’s never been easy, keeping systems secure was a little simpler when everyone came to the office to work. Now, many employees are scattered, working on a network that is not secured by your IT staff, and on a device that may not be managed by your organization. Gaining visibility into the potentially risky actions your employees may be taking, and how that may impact your data security, is now tougher than ever.

The good news is, Citrix can help.

In this four part mini webinar or “webinette” series, we’ll discuss:

  • The biggest security challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses
  • Best practices for obtaining a 24x7x365 approach to security
  • How Citrix can help your organization defend itself from both external and internal security threats