The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the push towards hybrid work, leaving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) tasked with providing a secure, easily scalable IT infrastructure that enhances mobile workforce productivity and application availability.

Still, more than three-quarters of SMB IT leaders are currently focusing less than 20% of their overall tech budget on these priorities. This means they must get creative about where they invest, especially when it comes to security, compliance, and the employee experience in hybrid work environments.

By deploying a unified Secure Access solution from Citrix, SMB IT leaders can:

  • Unify and protect access to apps and data
  • Gain ease of use and simplify management
  • Gain adaptive access control and visibility across their entire infrastructure
  • Reduce risk from external and internal cyber threats without limiting user productivity
  • Move beyond the constraints of rigid IT infrastructures and disjointed workflows
  • Improve security, data and application access, and hybrid work needs at their own pace

Ready to deploy a scalable security solution as workloads shift to the cloud and your hybrid workforces grow? Download our Unified Secure Access Solution for SMBs guide today to learn how Citrix can help you keep your IT infrastructure secure and your remote employees productive.