If you’re still doubting the value of digital transformation, consider this: Digital transformation makes companies 3X more likely to grow revenue, and increases employee productivity by 15% or more. But where do you start to realise these kinds of results? Velrada and Microsoft have the answer.

Read their new e-book, Optimising technology to improve business performance. In it, you’ll discover emerging strategies for increased business productivity. It gives you an immediately applicable framework developed by Velrada to become a master of the digital marketplace, including our six keys to thinking like a digital leader, as well as a self-evaluation guide to launch a digital strategy for your organisation.

Download the e-book now to see how most digitally mature companies have seen substantial improvements, including:

  • Improved business decision-making over digitally immature businesses
  • A transformed business model at a much higher rate than their competitors
  • Increased customer engagement through the application of solid digital strategies
  • Raised employee satisfaction through the right tools and processes to arm your people for success