Cavium enables secure access to privileged credentials with One Identity Safeguard

The majority of headlines about cybersecurity failures center on the theft
or loss of customer or citizen information, and larceny linked to money. However, for many organizations the “crown jewels” that they must protect is the intellectual property that is the true value of their businesses. Such is the case with San Jose, California-based Cavium, a processor manufacturer that services a wide range of technology solutions.

“Every day our business units are driving me to open up access to more and more countries, and many of those countries do not have laws or cultures that respect intellectual property. So the challenge we face is granting the most secure access to our users – properly. That means giving the right access, to the right people, at the right time, to the right resources, and only for the time they need it.” – Abe Smith, Director for Enterprise Security, Cavium