Mobile App Security

Hackers are developers too. It is important to remember that when thinking about security for your Android and iOS apps. As developers themselves, hackers know exactly when, where and how to attack your apps, users and backend.

The job of legitimate and malicious hacking has exploded. Hackers, whether they are cyber criminals or legitimate pen testers, are everywhere. These professionals have tons of tools, instructions and products at their disposal, all of which makes the job of hacking apps easier than ever. These tools have amazing power to see into mobile apps, dissemble and decompile apps and sit between mobile apps and external services with ease. Finally, hackers don’t have to break past security measures to accomplish attacks. They can take advantage of common coding practices in iOS and Android apps, well known vulnerabilities in iOS or Android, or the trust model of your app or the device itself.

The purpose of this Ultimate Developer Guide to Mobile App Security is to highlight the what and why developers should protect to improve the security of mobile apps, mobile businesses and users.