It’s more difficult than ever to understand what’s happening with energy consumption and demand. The growing complexities of electrical performance, peak trends, and power factor and quality information make it nearly impossible to get clear visibility. And that’s just the beginning; between electrical distribution demands and managing costs caused by inefficiencies, your teams are overwhelmed. But available options require investing in costly, complex onsite solutions.

Read the e-book by ABB, Reduce Energy Costs by 30%: How to Better Monitor, Optimize, and Control Any Electrical System, Anytime, to ensure your teams are leveraging the best tools and strategies to analyze energy performance data, management, and cost allocation—all within a secure, comprehensive platform. Learn about breakthrough cloud-based strategies from ABB and Microsoft that enable your teams to:

  • Stay current with up-to-date system performance information for faster, smarter analysis and decision making.
  • Be more adaptable by giving key roles the flexibility to efficiently analyze and perform audits offsite.
  • Access data in real-time as well easily pull up historical trends on a single- as well as multi-site level.