Many long-standing expectations around what’s required of building and growing successful companies have been upended. Namely, it’s illustrated the importance of investing in your operations—or, the infrastructure of people, processes, and systems that drive innovation, production, and scale inside your company—so that they’re efficient, empathetic, and adaptive, among other things. This book is designed to help you optimize your operations to that end. By way of eight concrete, actionable steps, derived from many years’ experience working with operations teams powering some of the most influential companies across the world, it will help you and your company get started designing, building, and maintaining tomorrow-ready processes and systems.  

Download your copy today! This eBook provides answers to questions, such as:

  • How to build processes and workflows that increase efficiency while at the same time putting the needs of our employees first?
  • How to ensure my company can remain agile, adaptive, and flexible in the face of quickly changing market and social conditions?
  • How can my company reduce our dependence on apps?