Avalara partnered with leading digital commerce research firm PSFK to explore how today’s top retailers are creating unique online shopping experiences and shaping the future of ecommerce. The playbook highlights key trends in the five stages of customer experience (CX) and includes case studies from innovative retailers, and outlines the importance of back-end technologies to enable a seamless experience that fosters customer engagement and loyalty. The report also presents insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic is further refining the digital commerce experience. The five stages of CX in the digital path to purchase are:

  1. Shopper Marketing & Discovery
  2. ‘Store’ Experience & Design
  3. Shopper Education & Experience
  4. Transactions, Payments & Tax
  5. Fulfillment & Post-Purchase Support

Read the playbook to learn how today’s top trends can help you take your ecommerce presence to the next level.