To get the full benefits of cloud technologies, including cost controls, faster speed to market and improved business processes, you must ensure that each application is well matched to the platform on which it runs. By contrast, a suboptimal match can negatively impact performance, costs, security and even your brand reputation.

 For help making the right choice, download our white paper, “Destination Cloud: Four Factors to Consider When Picking a Cloud Platform for Growth.” Addressing these four items will help you make an informed decision on the right cloud for your applications.

 Read this white paper to learn:

  • The legwork required to ensure your applications run on the most appropriate platform
  • High-level considerations for goal setting, assessment, security and redundancy
  • The drivers and outcomes of organizations that have successfully arrived at a cloud destination

The modern enterprise benefits from maximum workload flexibility, portability and performance predictability across diverse workloads with a consistent Intel® architecture and choosing clouds built on Intel® technologies. Intel® 2nd Gen Xeon® Scalable processors are workload-optimized to support hybrid cloud infrastructure and the most high-demand applications.