It’s impossible to compete in the modern marketplace without a clear, real-time view of your entire supply chain, both on the digital and physical side. Inventory, planning optimization, warehouse, and transportation management—all require down-to-the-minute visibility and control. To achieve that, your data must be current every minute of the day.

Find out how it’s possible in Higher Profits with the Digital Supply Chain, the new e-book from Blue Horseshoe and Flintfox with Microsoft. In it, you’ll see new methods and technologies to achieve visibility, control, and optimization of every kind of transaction both within your organization and across the supply chain with trade revenue management (TRM) and Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud. Together, they help you:

  • Create new value, revenue, and profit streams through intelligent supply chain
  • Expand your visibility throughout the supply chain with the 6 steps to the supply chain cloud
  • Get a clear view of every transaction both up and down the supply chain with Trade Revenue Management
  • Gain greater control and wider margins with a new a three-prong approach
  • Upgrade your promotion structuring and tactics for optimized revenue