The City of Montebello’s transportation department operates Montebello Bus Lines (MBL), with the primary responsibility to provide transportation services to the residents of Montebello and neighboring cities. In all, the 72 buses MBL operates cover 26 square miles and serve over 8 million passengers per year. In this case study, you’ll learn how MBL developed a solution that enabled these essential benefits:

  • Simultaneous recording of all five bus-mounted cameras with real-time metadata tagging.
  • A metadata-based search to instantly locate clips based on time, location, vehicle, etc.
  • Improvement on upload reliability by allowing large clips to be broken up and the parts streamed concurrently, as opposed to consecutive streams which must be restarted in the event of an error.
  • An easily scaled architecture that can start small during beta/testing, but can grow to petabyte-plus size as necessary simply by adding storage nodes