Andy Nallappan, Vice President and CIO at Broadcom, has seen his company undergo incredible growth and transformation over the years.

As Broadcom scaled in size, so did the volume of IT issues. These were typically addressed by outsourced service partners. Staff turnover in this agency posed challenges that led to an inconsistent and, at times, frustrating employee experience. Something had to change.

“We had a mission: a zero helpdesk,” Nallappan said. “But when we first laid out the mission, the technology was just not available to achieve it. Our focus was not just volume, and not just to scale automation, but to improve the experience of our employees and stop the complaints.”

Download the in-depth case study to see how Broadcom:

  • Resolved 55% of All IT Tickets in under a minute
  • Seamlessly onboarded thousands of new employees on day one
  • Provided real-time tech support to a distributed, global workforce