In the AWS Shared Responsibility Model for security, AWS secures your cloud infrastructure, but not the applications that you run in its cloud. Successful implementation of web app security on AWS requires a delicate balance between the solution you choose, its compatibility with AWS security measures, and its ability to support development and delivery processes without creating bottlenecks.

To help you sharpen your AWS security posture, Alert Logic® and Rackspace Technology compiled an end-to-end guide on securing your AWS assets. In our e-book, “AWS Vulnerability and Threat Detection Considerations,” you’ll learn:

  • How to find and fix configuration errors and third-party software vulnerabilities
  • The anatomy of the cyber kill chain and ways to address your weakest links
  • Why the multitude of alert data generated by security tools is a risk, and how to minimize the threat
  • The role of automation in reducing risk and speeding up time to market
  • Ways to use third-party partners to fulfill security obligations in the AWS Shared Responsibility Model