In the age of mobile work, there’s no reason for signatures to be done manually on paper. E-signature technology has advanced to the point where any government agency of any size can easily implement it to save agency resources, employee time, money, and the necessity of repeating work due to errors. 

Download the new e-book from Adobe, Your Signature Move, to find out how Adobe Sign can accelerate signature routing and signing by 28 times through 100% digital e-signature processes, while still complying with ever-increasing regulations. You’ll get a complete blueprint to support more efficient, friendlier services through improved processes, including how to:

  • Save two hours per form through improved internal processes and automated workflows.
  • Improve citizen satisfaction with services by offering more ways to sign and faster processing.
  • Enable government employees and citizens to fill forms and sign anywhere on any device.
  • Seamlessly implement e-signature technology through built-in integrations with common software.
  • Ensure verifiable, legally binding documents are routed, signed, and filed securely and efficiently.