Businesses harnessing Cloud 2.0’s opportunities are driving growth, efficiency, and security, all while lowering overhead costs. As more and more companies decide to make their cloud transition, they need to be aware that chasing more agility can actually produce more complexity, if handled incorrectly.

Not all migration solutions are built equally, and it’s important to find one that provides a frictionless transition from legacy to cloud. For the vast majority of companies, deploying an integration platform to cohesively migrate their digital business tools is their best practice for a simple, seamless, and secure operational shift.

In the e-book, A New Path to the Cloud, we examine the benefits and potential pitfalls of the cloud transition process. We’ve also sifted through the highest-rated integration platforms, and explore why TIBCO Cloud Integration is an essential component for fluid migration to Microsoft Azure’s secure, connected ecosystem—one that can smoothly accelerate your company’s digital transformation.