In the digital age, cloud computing is an essential part of more effective healthcare and precision medicine. But healthcare organizations themselves are still facing challenges in migrating to the cloud. Currently, only 8 percent of the EHR data needed for precision medicine and population health is being effectively captured and used.

The new e-book, Bring Data Together for Value-Based Outcomes offers a way forward. It describes the ideas Health Catalyst has developed to bring healthcare organizations the benefits of a more flexible computing infrastructure in the cloud. E-book readers will come away motivated with fresh approaches to the healthcare cloud, starting with the three key organizational questions to ask before beginning the journey. These answers form the basis for transforming data and best practices into improved clinical outcomes. After clearly outlining the required elements for a healthcare cloud system, the e-book describes the seven capabilities necessary to maximize your analytics investment. These seven capabilities are based on Health Catalyst’s years of experience specializing in healthcare data and analytics technologies. Finally, Bring Data Together includes a data analytics capabilities assessment to pinpoint where your organization stands and to determine the immediate next steps needed to move forward.