Bots are certainly not a new problem to cybersecurity. Attackers use bots to automate their attacks and increase the scale with which they can target organizations. Historically, bots have been associated with denial-of-service attacks, with the attention given to bots varying depending on the volume and frequency of attacks. As organizations have shifted to more online-focused business operations, a trend further accelerated by the pandemic, attackers have doubled down on their efforts and increased the frequency of bot-driven fraud and logic abuse. As a result, awareness of the issues posed by bots is growing. Nearly half (47%) of cybersecurity professionals have seen examples of credential stuffing or cracking attacks used for
account takeover (ATO) in just the last 6 months. A similar percentage (46%) of respondents are aware of attacks on online shopping cart systems and instances of automated inventory purchasing or holding. In all, only 11% of our respondents have not seen publicized examples of sophisticated bot attacks.

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