The contact center space has never been as complicated, or exciting, as it is now. Thriving in today’s contact center requires leaders to constantly renew their understanding of their contact center and how it can deliver robust levels of value to the business.

Contact center success ultimately hinges on the ability to effectively identify, measure and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs). And, while each business is unique, the fundamentals of connecting the organization’s mission, vision and values to the contact center’s policies, processes and behaviors are universally applicable.

In this report, we will explores the role of key performance indicators, how to define and measure success, and the trends across common metrics.

You will learn:

  • Three of the most common inbound contact center KPIs
  • How to establish relevant benchmarks for these KPIs (from Talkdesk 2018 data)
  • How to use these KPIs to leverage business outcomes